Jessica + Josh | Louisville Kentucky Wedding Photography

Jessica and Josh got married right as Spring was springing in the bluegrass state.  Spring in Kentucky is one of the most gorgeous times of the year.  Spring is a time of new beginnings – Dogwood trees are blooming & there is a freshness in the air from the sweet smell of grass.  What a perfect time to have a new beginning of a marriage!  They got married at Walnut Street Baptist Church and had their reception at the Papa Johns Stadium– which meant we were able to take some pics down on the field.  We also stopped by the Seelbach Hotel & 4th Street Live for some pictures after the ceremony.  We had a blast shooting this wedding – I hope you can smell Spring in the air, like I can, when you look at these images.  Enjoy!


Favorite shoe picture to date….

I love the excitement on Jessica’s face …so cute!
Jessica got these adorable parasols on Etsy
Her b-maids were so much fun…AND gorgeous!
Walnut Street Baptist Church has an awesome 2nd level that I had my 2nd shooter shoot from…LOVE choir lofts and churches with a balcony- makes for such great angles. 
Jessica and Josh got this on a stretched canvas for their home- Awesome jump guys!!
Jessica’s sorority sisters serenading her 
Now this is a cake smash!
Look at these little sweetie pies!
WOWZA! Go Josh, go Josh, go Josh!
Such a fun reception!  
Thanks for reading and thanks for all your comments!!  I love reading them!

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Karolina + JP | Delray Beach Wedding Photography

2 things are for sure – every bride and groom want their guests to have an awesome time at their reception and they want their wedding to be unique.  JP & Karolina were no exception.  They rented a massive house in Delray Beach Florida and had friends and family stay with them.  Those who couldn’t fit in the house stayed in downtown Delray Beach and came in on a party bus.  Speaking of parties, this was one heck of a shebang.  Everyone mingled and had cocktails while waiting for the ceremony to begin.  And when JP and the groomsman took their positions at the ‘citrus altar’, family and friends were standing up and hooting and hollaring at them “oh baby you look so handsome”, “woo-hoo”.   Ha! It was a hoot!  🙂  Karolina tried so hard not to cry and when she almost broke down while walking toward JP, several people encouraged her to keep in together…so sweet.


The wedding was set up on the backside of the house- could we have asked for a better day? It was gorgeous and perfect out!

Maybe one of my favorite dress pics ever.  I just love the white palette and the palm trees out the window.  Its tropically delicious.
The girls looked out the window and announced to everyone that the bus was there….wait until you see Karolina’s face. 
Excitement and anticipation looking at her guests arriving.  LOVE. THIS. IMAGE.
Waiting for the ceremony to begin…
Remember when I told you that everyone was talking to JP and his g-men.  “Baby you look so handsome” “stay right there, let me get your picture” “wooo-hoooo” “looking good JP” …ha! 🙂
Such sweet little nuggets.
And here is when everyone was encouraging Karolina….”Baby don’t cry”,  “you look amazing”.  The bride having people talk to her when she walks down the isle was definitely a first.  I am pretty sure this wouldn’t be kosher at most weddings…so don’t try this at home folks. ;o)
They had a special handshake before their 1st kiss.  Awesome! I think every bride can relate to this emotion she is showing…yes?!
Of course she gave guests hi-fives…of course she did. 
At smaller weddings, I always like to get a group shot because odds are all the people there are super close to the couple.
This is a college crew shot…meet the party animals, folks. ;o)
The ceremony started really late so we were able to squeeze in these shots right after the sun set.  Whew-weeee I had to work fast!
Karolina & JP, it was such a pleasure to photograph this day for you.  Cheers to always having this much passion for life and each other!

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Biffy + Donavan | Sebring Florida Wedding Photographer

When I first talked to Elisabeth ‘Biffy’ and Donavan, I hadn’t moved down to Florida yet so we met via Skype.  I asked them if there were any pretty places in Sebring to take pictures in and I distinctly remember them looking at each other and laughing followed with “not in Sebring“.  Ohhh, the things we don’t appreciate in our hometown. 🙂  Needless to say,  I was SO pleasantly surprised when I came in the night before their wedding to scope things out.  Sebring, Florida is rural Florida at its finest and the entire town is centered around a massive lake.   Just take a look at all the beautiful backdrops we were able to find in this adorable little town.

How gorgeous is Biffy and how gorgeous is this backdrop?  
I love this windblown shot
The groomsmen and groom were cracking us and each other up…
I love when groomsmen think I’m funny! 🙂These little sweeties danced the whole night and never ran out of energy…so cute!
We were trying to get him to give Biffy a kiss on the cheek…he was so shy about it.

Biffy and Donavan, we had so much fun shooting your wedding and wee hope to shoot another wedding in your cute little town again!

Entire wedding images can be viewed and purchased here (you can get the password from the bride and groom): Biffy and Donovan’s entire wedding gallery


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Kristin + Robert | Lexington Wedding Photographer

Ask anyone in Lexington what they think about their city….odds are you won’t hear one bad word about it.  It’s southern, sophisticated, charming, yet laid back. There is a little bit of everything in Lex and one of the best parts of the city is the people.  You can literally be in the country one minute riding a horse on a sprawling estate and in less than 10 minutes you can be downtown experiencing the urban life.  You don’t have to tell Kristin and Robert that Lexington, Kentucky is one of the greatest places on earth.  They are both University of Kentucky grads (and HUGE fans)  and embrace every part of this beautiful city and culture.  Their wedding was at Christ the King Cathedral and their reception was at Lexington Country Club.  Their wedding was a little bit of everything…just like Lexington:  southern, sophisticated, charming, yet laid back.  There were so many people dancing and having a blast- the Ford’s really know how to have a party!  Just see for yourself!

Kristin got her b-maids these adorable monogrammed robes. 
Ana Crane Simpson with Applied Cosmetics…this woman is magic.  Hands-down the best makeup artist in the world. Yup- in the world! When I got engaged, she was the 1st vendor I booked! She is that special!
The b-maids dresses came from Twirl.  Again, another vendor I used.  Ty at Twirl is the best!  Check them out!
How cute is this peanut?! 
Kristin had so many girls helping her…good job B-maids!!!
One of my favorite moments on a wedding day is the b-maid clap after the bride is all dressed.  Love the happiness and celebration that they are showing that their friend is getting married!!
Kristin taking one last look in the mirror before going to see Robert. Brides who do first impressions, rock! 🙂
Robert seeing his bride for the first time
Benefit of having your reception at Lexington Country Club, you can take pics out on the greens AND they provided golf carts for the bride and groom, the photographers, and the videographers. Awesome!
We were really worried about the rain…. there was a short break and we were all cheering. We hopped on the golf carts and took advantage of the break on the golf course at Lexington Country Club– and then the rain came again!  We were so grateful for the break in the clouds!
How cute are these little ones?!  Kristin, its time to confess….I stole the idea of the flower crown (I’m sure there is a better name for it) for my flower girl.  🙂
She is about to burst from happiness!!
Aaaahhh!  Their looks at eachother just melt me…I love when a bride and groom are truly present in the moment. 
Okay, how cute is Kristin?!  If she wasn’t on Robert’s arm I feel like she might have stopped to socialize. ;o)
I always recycle the flower girls flowers for the flower toss!
Grooms cake- SO awesome!  Go big blue!
Their first dance was full of whirls and twirls…and then the party started….Burning Las Veags was AMAZING!  I felt like I was at a concert- they rocked the house!
Kristin’s brothers are a HOOT!I thought this might be my favorite pic from their dancing at the end of the night and then I saw the one below this one…hilarious and nice catch Robert!
The groomsmen serenaded Kristin with Backstreet Boys I want it that way.
And here was an idea Kristin’s mom proposed and I thought it was brilliant.  Since Kristin and 4 of her b-maids were on the UK dance team, they played the UK fight song and busted out in this:  A firework send off- what an appropriate send-off for such an amazing wedding!
Kristin and Robert had our photobooth company there- everyone loved it!!!
Kristin & Robert we had a blast shooting your wedding!  It was an epic event that won’t be forgotten and most likely won’t be topped.  🙂  Thanks for letting us photograph the most important day of your lives!

Church: Christ the King Cathedral

Reception:Lexington Country Club

Band: Burning Vegas

Videographer: Hayes Video

Photographer:Emily Faith Photography

Photobooth: LuLu’s

Wedding Planner: Lauren Chitwood Events

Cake: Judy Meyers

Transportation: Bluegrass Tours & Gold Shield

Church Flowers: Suzanne Bauer

Bridal Party & Reception Flowers: Lauren Chitwood Events

Fireworks: Louisville Wedding Fireworks

Makeup and hair: Ana Crane Simpson with Applied Cosmetics

Bridesmaids dresses: Twirl Boutique


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