Candice & Jody | Louisville Wedding Photographers

Oh boy, what an absolute match made in heaven with these two.  Candice is soooo girly and into all things pretty and pink….she is also gore-ahhh-geous, genuine, tender, caring.  It’s no wonder she is surrounded by so many amazing friends.  Jody is the perfect gentleman; strong, country, handsome, and treats her like every girl should be treated- with the utmost respect and like a best friend.  When I left this wedding, I called my husband to talk about my day and I couldn’t stop gushing about how adorable these 2 are as a couple. Their ceremony was held at the Farmington Historic Plantation in Louisville, Kentucky.  The reception had my assistant and I cracking up (at Jody’s amazing dance skills) and tearing up (during their first dance).  What a Beeee-A-utiful day.

We wish you nothing but a LONG, HAPPY, & beautiful life together!!!

My awesome assistant, Kate, giving candy bribes…

It worked!

Prep and Ceremony Venue: Farmington Historic Home

Florist: Mary Lou with Dixie Florist

Deejay: Midnight Magic – Carlos Moralas

Bride’s Dress: Sher’s bridal; designer is Jasmine

Bridesmaids Dress: Dillards; Max & Cleo

Décor for reception and ceremony: Millennium Events

Men’s tuxes: Tuxedo Avenue


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The Patterson Family | Lexington Family Photographers

When I talked with Sherri, she said she really wanted her kids personalities to shine thru the pics.  She didn’t want all the quintessential family photos without showing her kids real expressions.  When she looks back at her family pictures, she said she wants to see her kids faces that they really made- goofy & silly.  I loved her vision and I was right on board.  We met at Gratz Park, one of my FAVORITE places to shoot in Lexington, KY. And we even ran into the mayor of Lexington, Jim Gray.  He was kind enough to stop and chat and also take a photo with the kids.

I had a blast with this family.  Their daughter is as sweet as pie, their middle son is a real character- see for yourself, and their youngest didn’t stop smiling the entire time.  It is so refreshing to be back in Lexington, Kentucky with such nice people and families!

The last picture in this post is of the gorgeous sunset I saw as I was driving home…enjoy!

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Lindsey & Matt | Lexington Engagement Photographers | Lexington Wedding Photographers

We had the best time shooting this wedding.  Lindsey and Matt are so sweet, laid back, and so giddy-in-love that it made our job easy.  Their wedding was at Christ the King Cathedral in Lexington, Kentucky and their reception was at Spindletop.  Not only did my husband and I get married at Christ the King, but the same AMAZING priest, Father Gino, married us.  Everyone was raving about the homily, Father Gino, gave at our ceremony, and the same dialog was had at their reception.  It was so awesome to be back in Lexington with such good people – Lindsey and Matt are blessed with the best friends and families and we felt so welcomed and ‘at home’ with them.

It was an honor to photograph such a beautiful couple and a beautiful day.  I don’t think it could have been any more perfect.  Congratulations, Matt and Lindsey!


When the new substitute arrived at the school where Matt teaches 5th grade, the whole school was in a buzz.  He said he noticed everyone was walking in and out of the library to get a look at the new gorgeous girl who would be a long term sub for the librarian.  I love that it took about 30 minutes for Matt to walk in and ask her out on a date.  Way to go buddy!  Okay, how jealous was every other male teacher?  Ohhh, I can only imagine the smack talk. ;o)

Now that Lindsey works at Matt’s school full-time, I am sure all the little kids are so intrigued  and excited about their upcoming wedding.

These 2 are so sweet and were so much fun to photograph. I noticed that every  time they would look at each other and then look back at me/my camera, they had the brightest and most genuine smiles.  May they always make each other smile and light up like they do now. We did their session at one of my favorite places in Lex, Gratz Park. I cannot wait to see these 2 on their wedding day in Lexington, KY…June 30 can’t come soon enough!

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Jessica and Will | Lexington Engagement Photographer

Growing up on a sprawling Lexington, Kentucky horse (and cattle) farm is something most could only dream of.  Growing up on a sprawling Lexington, Kentucky horse farm on a house that sits next to your grandparent’s house, is something most people can’t even wrap their heads around.  Fast forward to getting married on said farm to the love of your life… and well…. that is just a fairly tale.

Jessica and Will are so warm and friendly, I really felt like I’ve known them forever.  We took their engagement pictures on Jessica’s family farm (Audubon Farm, click this link to find out how you can tour their farm). This is the farm where Jessica and Will will get married and have their reception…she said when she was little she always dreamed of having her wedding here.  As a huge animal lover, I was in heaven being on this farm.  If you think these images are amazing, JUST wait for their wedding pictures.  It’s going to be soooo-oh-oh-oooh amazing. So excited for the big day this summer!


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Share-a-Pet Calendar Shoot | Fort Lauderdale Pet Photographers

These pups are not only adorable, they are therapy dogs who bring smiles to so many people throughout the year.  We were asked to shoot the Share-a-Pet calendar for charity and were honored to be asked. The folks at Flowers and Found Objects in Las Olas were kind enough to allow us to use their gorgeous shop at a base.   Here are just a few of their adorable pups!  Ohhh how they make me grin!  Challenge: try not smiling when you see their little (and some big) faces!! 

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