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Brittney has the most beautiful heart and is the most sincere, adorable, passionate, persons I know.  She and I went to Milford together and she is definitely one of those people I really wish I would have stayed in better contact with.   I would see her on Facebook and I gradually saw her post more and more things about Brett.  I was so THRILLED for her when I saw they got engaged.  Everyone deserves a happily ever after and a partner who adores them, but Brittney is someone I really wanted to see happy… someone who appreciated and adored her.  She is completely smitten with Brett and Brett with her.  When he looks at her and you can tell it just melts her but they are also the best of friends. They refer to themselves as Team B&B….Passion, partnership, and friendship, what else more do you need?!

I could see their chemistry was off the charts when I did their engagement pictures so I knew their wedding would be so fun to photograph.   (Click here to see post)

The entire wedding was planned so wonderfully by Brittney’s company, Brittney Renee Events and all of her vendors were top notch.  (Click here and like her page)

Prep and details: 8 Village Square Salon in Glendale & Glendalia Boutique Hotel

Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church in Glendale

Reception:The Glendale Lyceum

Band: The Sly Band (they were INCREDIBLE!)

Videographer: First String Media (If you are looking for a wedding videographer- I highly recommend them! Click here to see their wedding trailer)

Cake: A Spoon Fulla Sugar

Flowers: H.J. Benkens

Makeup Artist: Tamra Berry

Hair: Ashley Silberman

Enjoy these highlights from their amazing, passion-filled, love-filled, gorgeous, wedding day!



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