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Emily Dickinson once said “My friends are my estate”, in that case, Kate has been one of my valued treasured assets since 8th grade.  I remember it like it was yesterday: I walked into Mrs. Clifton’s algebra class, sat down, turned around to borrow a pencil and there sat Kate.  Kate smiled exposing her bright shiny braces right as I grinned exposing my mouth covered in metal.  And there it began, the blossoming of a beautiful friendship that has stood the test of time.   We have shared so many beautiful memories- we were both in eachothers weddings – but nothing compared to seeing their sweet family begin.   I was so excited to come to the hospital to photograph their new family in February.  I sat in Kate’s hospital bed with her, we cooed over Audrey Grace, laughed so hard that Kate almost lost a stitch (sorry about that Kate), we looked at flower ideas for my wedding, and in between our visiting I snapped some pics. Enjoy!

I’m pretty sure this was one of the moments Kate almost lost a stitch from laughing at Nate
In her daddy’s hands, love this pic!
She loved looking out the window
Here I am holding sweet little Audrey Grace. She is perfection!
Delaney was sick during Kate’s hospital stay so I came to their house a week later to snap them as their new family of 4

Thanks so much for reading my very first blog post!  I’ve been a photographer for 5 years and am JUST now getting around to this blogging business.  I have soooo many things to share with you so keep checking in often!

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